05.07 .2012: WEEK-END ONLY PROGRAMME - Classes will commence on 7th July 2012. for students studying CPA Part  1, 2 and 3


05.07 .2012: JULY 2012 INTAKE - Registration for July 2012 intake is in progress. Classes will commence on Wednesday 5th July 2012


05.07 .2012: Special Offer Computer Training - All Computer Packages will be offered at 20% discount to all current students.

Facts & Figures

  • Star College was started in 2001
  • Star College is accredited by KNEC & KASNEB
  • Star College has won numerous awards for excellence


Star College of Management Studies
P.O. Box 837 00200, Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: +254 20 341697 / 341 698
Fax: +254 20 224 3494
Cell: +254 728 787 974

Kasneb Exemptions

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Exemptions will be granted on a paper by paper basis. Exemptions will be granted to applicants who are deemed to have adequately covered the subject matter in the papers that they wish to be exempted.
Applicants seeking exemption must therefore show evidence of adequate coverage of the content for the papers in which they are applying for exemption.
However, no exemptions will be granted in Part III of the professional examinations other that to graduates of the examinations of KASNEB
Exemptions for holders of KASNEB qualifications
a) Exemptions will be granted for all common papers in the technician and professional examinations.
b) No exemptions will be granted to technician examination graduates beyond Part I of the professional examinations.
c) In granting exemptions, consideration will also be given to the core areas of expertise of the person seeking exemption. For instance, a CPA graduate is considered to be proficient in accounting and therefore would be exempted in accounting papers in other professional examinations of KASNEB.
Exemptions for holders of qualifications from other universities and examination bodies
Exemptions may be given to holders of degrees, diplomas and certificates from other recognised universities, institutions of higher learning and other examination bodies. In order to qualify for exemption under this category, applicants must provide evidence of adequate coverage of the content of the papers for which they have applied for exemption. However, no exemptions will be granted in Part III of the professional examinations except for graduates of the examinations of KASNEB.
Procedure for exemptions
Applicants seeking exemptions must complete the relevant application forms for exemption and pay the prescribed exemption fees. All applications for exemption must be accompanied by the relevant supporting documents
Note: An exempted candidate is not allowed to enter for the exempted paper without prior authority from the Secretary and Chief Executive of KASNEB. Any candidate who flouts this rule will automatically forfeit all exemptions granted to him/her.
The vision of the college is to be the market leader in offering training courses in Accountancy, Management and Information Technology by setting and maintaining high academic standards and exemplary professional services.
The mission of the college is to provide efficient training courses in Accountancy, Finance, Management and IT by offering tuition to its students, clients and the public in general.

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